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tv   BOS Full Board of Supervisors 10416  SFGTV  October 4, 2016 8:00pm-12:01am PDT

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any doubt over what we presented here we are more than willing to sit down with you to answer any questions you may have and provide you with any facts or evidence that you request. however, if you hear what we presented here and find no reason to doubt the truthfulness of it and we believe you have enough information to make an informed and correct decision is supervisors, please think it over carefully. this into your conscience and make a decision that you will feel proud rather regretful in the future. >> speak thank you thank you next speaker, please. >> supervisors on here to talk about item 45, the name of chinatown station. back in june u.s. congress passed a resolution condemning the crime
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against the humanity of chinese government taking large numbers of practitioners and stealing their organs and selling for profit. for more than a decade of time the chinese government has been trying to try hard to push this persecution against the-outside the border of china. rose pat rated huge role in the city of san francisco to help to extend this persecution into this city. i'm not here to talk about those packs personal political opinions about-i'm talking about the biddings hate crimes taking place on the street of san francisco. i'm talking about the incidence and discrimination events taking place in our local society because of the effort of rose pat. so rose pat stewart is
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totally against the values which the city of san francisco stands for. i know you're not congress. i know you're not the state department. china is far it's on the other side of the pacific ocean but here in this case, it's not a geographical instance of that's important. it's important the value of san francisco. so i urge all of you to consider these upcoming item 45 discussion and make sure you stay on the right side of history. >> thank you next speaker, please. >> peskin don't you have any respect for these people >> please refer to your comments to the board as all
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>> at least kim and mar is he what's his name yee laughing with david. they're selling these poor people's body parts. third michael savage say on his radio show the fbi arrested some people in new york over this. you people it's amazing you got a be ashamed of yourself kim. mar. savage had 400 radio stations taken away from him because he made some comment about hillary clinton but he's a medical doctor he's earned his degree. made some comment about the race medical condition w abc a new york yankee him. 399 stations. item about the other stations but he was on k sfo. this is happening right in front of our eyes could were becoming like red china. that's what this place is becoming like you are to people become ashamed of yourself. kim
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how can you respect rows back >> can you address your comments we won't say it again to the members as a whole and not to individual supervisors. thank you. >> i've not seen the debates with gov. pence what's happening in our nation i guarantee you the moderator is gaining up on gov. pence. they're doing the same thing to him as they did to mr. trump. it's two against one. he still won i'm sure gov. pence is coined to win because right is going to win. but it's not right. i hope that these people that mr. trump and gov. pence take on these moderators and say you need to leave. you're not running for president. you're not running for vice president, i am in they need to get out of it. i don't know what's going on with these debates and where this came in >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> adam president of price at
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the time the next big drawer mind the members of the public in the public gallery audible expression either in support or in opposition is prohibited by the board rules. may you sure supportive fingers. next speaker, please. >> thank you members of the board of supervisors. minus clay holstein city manager brisbane. i just want to cut to the chase in terms of the resolution before you tonight. the offending section is the penultimate paragraph in the resolution. it speaks to annexation. we ask that you remove it in whole. there's an old rock 'n roll song that goes something to the effect that you can talk to a man with a shotgun in his name. we ask you to remove the shotgun. >> thank you next speaker, please. >> it's a heavy day in here
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today from black lives matter to -it's pretty heavy. that's late in the evening before we go home and watch this debate. talk about the board of supervisors the mastic violence. october is domestic violence awareness month that i know each and every supervisor here is not want to propagate or protect abusers of domestic violence. but unfortunately, there is a supervisor here was protecting a person who is a domestic violence perpetrator. i'm a survivor of domestic violence. i was relocated from san francisco to my hometown for two years to protect me from my domestic abuser. it really upsets me that a person, julius-i will not say his last name-who has in days and/or stargate supervisor whose it
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brutalized his partner who happened to be my attorney to protect me against my abuser and scott weiner has his endorsement on his senate website said he was sir, address your members to the board of supervisors >> that is shameful to have the board of supervisors to have an endorsement from a perpetrator of a gay man not only take his endorsement but put it on his website >> sir on pausing your time. your viewpoints are important to us when you start talking about opposition or support of individuals who are on the ballot that's where you cross the line. welcome to continue her remarks but please read out the part about the election and address your marks of the board as a whole. thank you, sir >> they use much for the
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clarity it so hard for me to know where the line is outside the chamber and inside this chamber but i just want to ask this particular supervisor to remove his endorsement of a known abuser on that website. it is shameful. i got beaten up , brutalized and suited my attorney. it's a shame that you're supporting them. >> next speaker, please. >> tom-some poor vacations last week i mentioned something about the best of arun peskin you get the best of arrington doesn't it over to get it in one-two-minute burst. the special millennium meeting we got mr. peskin for hours. it's appreciated of. judgments,
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decisions are made a critical thinker. something that resonates in my case a lot of times dust settles. alas we get this meeting we are creating buildings, tall luxury condos that will be successful even though they will be in hospital. no one will be able to have inhabit them after the big earthquake. excuse me. that just smacks of a time out. empty tall buildings the cost to take down the lost homes major major time out. there are limits to what man can do in this society that san francisco has to look at them and recognize them. the city is going to major crossroads.
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homeless, education police housing transportation creating healthy communities and we are going in the wrong direction. i just seems that were lacking leadership at the mayor's office. we are lacking leadership in the best he could give us is no [inaudible] even -these people came here just because they were kicked out of a parade and the way it's turned into. you're creating a political movement here by not doing anything. we need to recognize the reality that we are in quickly and make them move forward. >> thank you. are there any members of the public was to address the board general public commons? please, step up mdm. pres. >> seeing oh members of the public that would like to comment, public comment is closed. >>[gavel] >> the clerk let's go to the item for adoption without
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reference to committee. >> items 42-48 being considered for immediate other option the committee reference a single roll call vote man ask these items. member the object separate and adam have it considered separately. >> supervisor kim >> 44 b was supervisor cohen mdm. clerk on the remaining items lease call the roll >> items 42-48 -44, supervisor breed aye campos aye cohen aye farrell aye kim aye mar aye peskin aye tang aye weiner aye jan east aye triano aye there
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are 11 aye >> those on items are adopted in and approved it unanimously >>[gavel] >> these call item 44 >> item 44 is a resolution to closely monitor developers of the brisbane babin area to ensure that the city brisbane prepared a conference of complete my mental impact report george brisbane to adopt a reasonable land use plan this area don't include workforce housing. he was supervisor kim >> realize we only had somewhat robust discussion on this resolution already. i've talked to chairman cohen of the land use committee i know she wants to call for hearing on this immediately. so i will be furthest to committee to be discussed with the hearing could i do as i said either of some amendment to make for a conversation with pres. breed on changing the language to explain to the portion of brisbane to which we can build
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housing of course as a last resort in partnership the city brisbane and the county of san mateo the was this item will go to committee. mdm. clerk, we you please read the in memoriam >> yes. today's meeting will be adjourned in memory the following beloved individuals on behalf a pres. breed. mr. nathaniel mason junior, in on behalf of supervisor tang the late mr. john lionel dupree. >> colleagues this brings us to the end of our agenda for today. mdm. clerk any further business before us a >> that concludes our business for today >> thank you. we are adjourned. >> >>[gavel] >>[adjournment] >> >> >>
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>> the office of controllers whistle blower program is how city employees and recipient
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sound the alarm an fraud address wait in city government charitable complaints results in investigation that improves the efficiency of city government that. >> you can below the what if anything, by assess though the club program website arrest call 4147 or 311 and stating you wishing to file and complaint point controller's office the charitable program also accepts complaints by e-mail or 0 folk you can file a complaint or provide contact information seen by whistle blower investigates some examples of issues to be recorded to the whistle blower program face of misuse of city government money equipment
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supplies or materials exposure activities by city clez deficiencies the quality and delivery of city government services waste and inefficient government practices when you submit a complaint to the charitable online complaint form you'll receive a unique tracking number that inturgz to detector or determine in investigators need additional information by law the city employee that provide information to the whistle blower program are protected and an employer may not retaliate against an employee that is a whistle blower any employee that retaliates against another that employee is subjected up to including submittal employees that retaliate will personal be liable please visit the sf and
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information on reporting retaliation that when fraud is loudly to continue it jeopardizes the level of service that city government can provide in you hear or see any dishelicopter behavior boy an employee please report it to say whistle blower program more information and the whistle blower protections please seek www. >> >> >> my name is jean alexander. i'm an attorney in the san
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francisco city attorney's office. i supervise the tax team, giving tax advice to the treasurer, tax collect or, drafting tax legislation. the thing i remember my mother telling me as a child is that you need to be prepared to take care of yourself and i knew that i wanted to be able to do something that i enjoyed. i didn't expect anybody to give me anything because nobody ever gave her anything and i also i always saw her fighting for the things that she wanted in life for herself and for her children. >> my name is jasmine flores. i am working as an admin assistant in the city attorney's office. i have always enjoyed the tasks that i have been given.
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on the days i show up and work on my own is empowering. for me, happiness in being more involved in a person-to-person interaction. my dream jobs includes being a physician, paramedic, firefighter, working with animals with the public. on a personal level with self improvement. my sister is the biggest influence in my life because she taught me to go forward with what makes you happy rather that what makes you the most money. >> i graduated from law school in 1972 at a time when there was a beginning to be an influx of women in the legal profession and tried criminal cases for about 10 years, treatment for delinquent operating programs,
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government budgets, analyzed fiscal legislation. i came to the san francisco city attorney's office and i have been here for about 12 years advising on tax matters. i did just about anything you can think of. some things that lawyers do and some things that lawyers don't do. >> i'm from the mission in san francisco. i have grown up there and i have lived there pretty much my whole life. living there, i do see other women, some of them older, some of them look just like me like my age and a lot of them work nanny jobs, child care jobs, retail jobs. i don't know, it seems kind of like a reminder that you are kind of lucky to be where you are, i guess.
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just when you haven't gone so far at all. i want them to go on maybe go on an interview that's more challenging that they think that they can't get that job. you know, just to kind of challenge and surprise themselves when they get that job and feel better. >> there had been women practicing law for many years, but there were so few of them that a lot of the issues hadn't really come into play and some of them worked out and some are still being resolved like equal pay and women in lawfirms and making sure women get fair assignments and in the decision making and working with law firms. i
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consider myself more of a beneficiary of all the women that fought really difficult battles along the way. >> >>(inaudible).
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>> (laughter). >> bring to the next part of program i'd like to introduce tom for those of you who don't know for 6 years been with us this upcoming saturday and tomorrow will be his last day tom is a great leader and my
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pleasure to ask him to come up to the stage right now >> (clapping.) >> and while he's up here i'd like to ask another person to stand up he's been permitted to take tom's role to lead our tourism program >> (clapping.) >> congratulations to about of you thanks, joe and it is really with mixed emotions i'm moving on to my new exciting position if southern california i meant it i've enjoyed everyday in sfaifl and we've done a lot of things i know a lot of you, you guys attended those and learn more how to work together. >> want to know our missions and supported us internationally and worked san francisco
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incredible airport and great results i'm very pleased what occurred and leaving the department in good hands and i'm happy he's permitted and taking over for my position and leading us along the way most happily pleased not to listen to joe ever again i'm tired of his daily complaining of what i'm not doing right thank you for your support i appreciate it >> (clapping.) >> moving on with the project program it is my pleasure to welcome my colleague a close relationship they help with the tourism and wouldn't have been possible sf support specifically of charles and he's department a great background prior to
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joining us he was a district director for the airline based in san francisco and prior to that air new zealand and spent a lot of time at&t in los angeles and are compared the partners invited airlines and charles will give you an update of sfo charles. >> (clapping.) >> thank you, tom and congratulations and that the airport was mentioned in the debate so you get to deal with that anyway next okay good morning, everyone blank screen there we go and $51.4 million a record number of passengers in and out of our
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terminals as of fiscal year-end and on target for passing this fiscal years one and 40 thousand people a day 68 hundred an hour twenty-four hours a lot of a lot of people we continue it have strong growth in the domestic and international areas through june ending our fiscal year 60 percent increase in domestic traffic and 9 percent increase for 6.7 the trend is running ahead of the last two fiscal years and if we went back to 2010 a similar trend so why 0 important obviously the growth in the number of passengers coming in our guests are phil the hotels and restaurants part of gateway of the community so as a reminder so sfo is a
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enterprise division of the city and county of san francisco so we're a government agency run like a business this means we receive no tax dollars for operating the airport in fact, we are self-sufficient nevertheless of operating plus we write a check to city hall every year and last year's annual service payment was 40 plus million dollars back to the bottom line for san francisco every new passenger every new gloift the gateway directly contributes to the overall economics of the city and county of san francisco who is underlying sfo? many people any airlines (laughter) back it's a little bit tricky
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some of the global brands global warming air patterns we continue to see growth the network continues to expand the only white spots on the map is a black spot on the screen - >> two - >> hold on i'll get this there we go the only white spot is south american and we have an later on effort 4 international designations with 39 international airlines a record 11 new international routes starting in 2016 so breaking down by carriers invited is our largest partner with 44 percent of all
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passengers american airlines was up to 9 percent virgin america 9 percent and with the addition acquisition and alaska this is the second largest operator by delta southwest jet blue here's some of the growth we saw last year so we had invited starting services into telling very and into dui so discover if you see a giant purple plane that's wow. and in panama city and invited with 878 continues to open up china and air india in non-stop to new dell i didn't
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and sing important is a market with mentioned 78, the south pacific added sorry about to call them years in noould but pe guarantee started service over the summer and invited a back to san francisco that's how that works. okay. so moving forward that was last year this year we also have great announcements to date we have china eastern started non-stop to china with continued service and they'll be operating 3 times a week we also have in the spring in march we have virgin wlafk into malayan north of ending a couple
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of weeks after virgin announced they'll be starting service into manchester we found some no carriers to two carriers 5 times a week i can't do a man chester echo for air berlin they're going to berlin instead of diesel discover 4 times a week and last week, we have thin air into helsinki i didn't throw the end of september and going 3 times a week on an 8:30 so we continue to see an expansion of new routes we also see an expansion
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of service to existing routes so in addition to invited going non-stop to singapore airlines they'll be starting non-stop at 8360 in october the first 850 operation on the west coast the new technology opens up now routes and cop pa po pa goes into panama and invited puts focus in san francisco opening going double daily a shanghai frequently to act lane and tel aviv and keeping the double through england air i understand expands up to 6 times a week with dell i didn't and pe guarantee will be coming back
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and expanding their services for next summer as well so we're seeing all the growth and not an increase in the number of operations we are seeing 2 percent arrives and departures supporting the growth with additional flights and frequency and air carriers getting the 10 minute warning sign new york and the economic benefits to the region which is what drives all the focus on international so putting into a perspective a type 7 from asia 10 plus million dollars a year about 38 did million dollars for the region and another 28 plus million dollars about $78 million that supports 6 hundred and 3 new jobs it is critical we continue to add international frequencies
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a at sfo >> mainlands china we have more cities in china than any did airport in north america thanks to the expansions a flight in c m in mandrin supporting information and many of the friends are any of my friends here in so important announcements for them we'll be the first time airport to accept alley pay in china 4 hundred million users in china another opportunities for the chinese travel to spend money easily at the shops we have to expand that to other venues around the airport we focus on
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international domestic continues to grow with low fair carrier flights more importantly frontier is doubled their service isn't past couple of months and the low fair trends spilling over into the local markets with wow. and now thomas cook. >> as you can see some of the domestic and mexican markets southwest out of burbank don't have to cut through la sent so what's new great buildings and people we need to build for the fire chief terminal 3 east opened november last year 3 new gates great new art really clean and open space to the old boarding area f completed
8:43 pm
construction from night to day when you walk between the two we continue to build for the future major construction new tower completed construction last july had a hand over ceremony in october and the faa will move in and start october operating from the new tower so that tower services available for the travelers at sfo really quickly the american express victor lounge and airport butler if you need someone to pick up and, of course, the yoga room at the museum unique shopping we have a pop up retail in place two pop up spaces in terminal e currently the exploratorium partnered to put in a shop to
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tuck an airport location and others swing on by. >> and international arrival facilities working with san francisco travel we are rebranding the process going from the left which is going to artistic renderings and thank you howard i think that will look fantastic it makes a nice impression. >> facilities we also have airport sorry awkward passport kiosks this replaces this digitize it you'll have to i will from the form on the plane and puncture it in and puncture down for a selfie it helps to
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expedite the process currently 12 on the a and 12 on the g side and november '40 on this side a total of 80 kiosks hope with the pop ups one of 6 or 7 that officers the mobile technology. >> we trial to streamline this to eliminate some of the that's a duplicate global warming entry we have an office at sfo if you're scheduling our appointment to get global warming entry we had a program that ran 24/7 people there at two and three in the morning we'll see that continues, 6 kiosks on the - help to facilitate that process. >> precheck also has an office
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at the be desirability term by the bart station an departure if you're looking to sign up for a precheck that's the brace place to do it quickly a grant hyatt that will be built at the airport four diamonds and three hundred and 50 guest rooms in the first quarter of next year and terminal one terminal one. >>was built in the 60s and slated for a expansion trying to keep parts up while rec and park move it down it will be a $2.4 billion certified and dmriefrd in a safe approach through 2020 some great benefits that be expanded from 19 to 24 gates a connection our from the international to terminal one
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and terminal 2 and eventually terminal 2 to terminal 3 and round i would valet and concrete this shows you how the process will work i thought that was fafrment we have a lot of information trying to squeeze in a short amount of time come check it out so if you're doing a presentation great asset and social media and air traffic and customer data is vail with that, if i can take a minute and a half to show you the video how terminal is in one
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>> (laughter). >> or not yeah, so air traffic states breakdown the country side you'll get quarterly updates on all that information. >> okay. well, we'll make that available if you want to check it out any game of thrones thank you, tom it's been wonderful and roberta we look forward 0 working you with you in the future. >> (clapping.) >> good morning. my name is a
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john, i handle public policy for san francisco traffic i was look forward to this video i think you guys would like to identify seen snip the we want to thank you for the opportunity charles always informative we expect from sfo given the great information and you came through and we value your partnership in addition to the great relationship we have with san francisco travel with sfo sfaifl has a number of similar partnerships with other organizations throughout the bay area and these partnerships provide us with the opportunity to share thoughts and to support one another in the projects and in the initiative we're working on from the bay area one of the organizations is the bay area economic institute the research charm the bay area economic
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institute a regional think tank this developed an economic data that is extremely useful to the policymakers and the general public comment we're pleased to have the president of the bay area connective institute here prior to president doctor weinberg was the senior president and the senior fellow dr. weinberg published in diverse media outlets and arranging from political to policy studies journal and he's quite a television celebrate having appeared on such diverse group of television outlets ranging from fox news to mp r now we're fortunate to have
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doctor weinberg provide us with the regional updates this morning please help me welcome dr. weinberg to the stage. >> (clapping.) >> absolutely. >> morning everybody would you like more economic status thrown at you i'll be talking about the regional economy and try to get through that quickly and get to questions we'll see we're running arbitrate behind and he would i'll try to talk quickly what is going on well that is hot and end of story no, i have more slides but we - the bay area specifically has surpassed california's growth surpassed national growth you folks know that i'll talk about how that differs across the region but
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things are on fire in the bay area a little bit a shrine sign of a shrouding slow down it is a 3 alarm fire instead of a 4 alarm fire and not isolated from the integral trends but for the time being things are quite hot a terrific demand for labor we're effectively at full employment in the entire bay area this is somewhat across counties san mateo and san marin at the peak employment less in contra-costa alameda we're the 19 largest economy in the world i think people think of when i talk about the bay area i'm talking about the 9 areas around
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the bay if you put the 9 county together we're the 19 largest economy in the entire world wisp last year a big deal and congratulations to all of you but this is the scale of what we're talking about this is really a huge amount of economic activities so the thing i want to point out for years we had china envy and particular president candidates we'll remain nameless way out-of-date in his understanding of what going on in (laughter) oh, his or her understanding of what is going on in the international economy chinese economy is growing probably not economic data in a transparent way a significant evidences that
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came out today and recently there is a terrific housing bulk in china a slow down in china but per the most optimistic status san jose is growing more quickly than is china, san francisco's economy is very hot and so this is really where it is happening and certainly we'll get into some of the you know not equally good for all people and all around california from the perspective of economic growth this is where this is at one of the things you're aware of is despite of the fact a terrific economic recovery a lot of economic growth particularly, no san francisco and san jose the amount of poverties has ♪ plays places in the bay area gone up during the great
8:55 pm
recession less to do with the people's income has gone down but the cost of living has gone up phenomenally in the bay area you folks are aware of that in your everyday so you'll it says it seems as from the poverty is good in california when you look at just at income when you look at what actually is reality income and how much things cost the actual measure of poverties in the state of california is quite high and quite high in the bay area so this is something to wrestle with but not that our economy - no objective way of sayings the united states economy is doing poorly in comparison to the international k350er9s not an objectively true analysis what is true the economy is not working for
8:56 pm
everyone in the united states that's what the data says we need to figure out that and i'm glad in california in san francisco specifically we spent a lot of time thinking about that i love what the mayor is doing on homelessness and other issues a critical issue for business and tourism and critical issue for people in the city the bay area our sale prices are higher than other states quite a bit to do with the slide in the actual travel presentation on supply and demand and an actual thing here in the bay area as with homes so as hotels with homes we have not been building they're much more expensive and you know as a side note it is interesting to see people in san francisco saying i know how we can fix this problem build less that will bring the cost of
8:57 pm
homes down that economic idiocy this is a supply and demand problem; right? you think that is a problem caused by increasing demand into the bay area so we're going to solve a demand problem by limiting supply completely nuts and people that respect to harvard university are making those kinds of proposals in the city i don't know what we were doing maybe hanging out with gary johnson in any case that's what is going on here >> all right. the housing building building permits are increasing on this slight we have an uptick in multi family unit in recent years not beginning to keep up with the demands we can go into is the policies associated with that if folks are interested in this is not the sort of thing to be
8:58 pm
prude proud of the 3 highest rental market in the mansion bay area san francisco is coming in at number 2 you don't want to work on being number one we want to work on this together largely a factor of supply and demand so you know tourism in san francisco you know on par with the other metropolitan areas we can't compete with the statistics so not going to try to do so and you know here's another myth about california and the bay area specifically we hear all the time we have those high taxes isn't that going to chase
8:59 pm
the wealthy out of the state maybe eventually i'm not saying i love paying taxes although some rich people founder how the how to pay no taxes with whatsoever that's a nice trick but not what is happening to tie in california and the bay area the wealthy are coming to california and the bay area and lower income folks that are leaving because of cost of living one of the narratives no basis of reality no objection i am not i'm expecting you to have my slides live and wipe them out if anyone trying i tries to make that point we have seen influx of people poeven the bay area that is somewhat different quite
9:00 pm
a while we were seeing significant net domestic out migration bound by international folks coming in the bay area and a lot of people moving dominick over the past couple of years we continue to grow this is the average week day bart ridership and i'm going to i guess plugging i mean connective guy but the transportation network in the bay area how many of you are regular bart riders okay awesome i'm sure i probably bump up against all of you or hugged unintentionally whatever it is that you got to like people; right? generally it gets you where you want to go but you got to like people that is actually you know bagging being a daily
9:01 pm
bart rider i live in oakland but i believe in the fundamental goodness of human beings if human beings were not fundamentally good that wouldn't workout most of time people are cool with each other so we a bart on or about coming up on the ballot make up your minds those are the life blood of our areas and need additional investments so one of the things i think that is a little bit of a myth oh, you're a tech dmi primarily focused in tech in the bay area or in san francisco what does that even mean; right? >> tech is everything it is facebook a tech company i don't know they use technology like any other company they're a
9:02 pm
media company; right? we've got you you know tremendous concentration of the media business, tremendous concentration in vehicles and tremendous electrician in wal-mart basically through tech a significant and substantial footprint in the innovation component of basically every industry not like back in the day in 2000 where you know everything else was somewhere else and we have the stock puppets and the website that was not a thing it went away that is different when you think about what likely to happen in the upcoming or moving into an economic slow down the types of activity that is happening in the bay area is essential to the health of those companies in the future going forward because this is where they vicinity the
9:03 pm
future of their industries there is belt-tightening we're not immune to the friends of the rest of the world but the investment in the bay area and the employees and the activities their engaging in the bay area are essential to their core function in the just some websites so we talk about google; right? or facebook and google officially did this their albeit google and a bunch of things those are many different companies that are based here in the bay area that are likely to be substantial economic machines for the regionals decades to come and unlikely to go away the economic outcome on a sustained basis for san francisco in the bay area region is very strong as a result of those things
9:04 pm
again, we have a fairly diverse economy when you look at sectors across the set of industries those are the fortune 500 companies in the bay area biotech tech is everything and financial and industry and consumer and media a more diverse economy it than folks give us credit for sdpifrt is a on and on resiliency for san francisco and the broader economy that's another crazy thing; right? so there's a silicon you folks traveled every place has a silicon something chicago has silicon practicey a silicon something in china you'll think as a result san francisco and the bay area will really be still doing well but
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beginning to lose some of its dominance in terms of the innovation economy worldwide the opposition is happening we're actually while all the silicon somethings pro-life rat in the capital of innovation could go away maybe soon but it hadn't gone away yet one measure of looking at this is insane is the share of u.s. venture capital that is most venture capital plan capital at an owl time high 70 percent venture capital of being invested in california but you have over 50 percent of all venture capital being invested in anywhere in the united states be invested in the 9 county bay
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area i love that i think there's a lot of fascist stuff going on here is that much fascist stuff really are we that good i don't know people keep giving us money like we are to continue it is those trends kick up-and-up and not translating into the tourism industry and hotels and so forth is really a fascinating thing to see it is true when you talk about patents from people from houston's get uppity i love austin's my brother lives in austin certainly my father part of texas but if you look at the total patent shared u.s. patents and so on the bay area is still an order of magnitude or several multiples above the domestic
9:07 pm
competitors that's another way of looking at the ongoing strength of the economy and the ongoing importance of bay area in terms of global warming innovation let me ended and if we have time for questions we'll go ahead if not i'll make my way offstage one myth about the area we can't solve our own problems we have a tremendous need for housing and to invest in infrastructure have to increase our commitment to work on workforce development and support housing and all sorts of things that move people out of powerful into economic success we have the ability to address those problems we see most countries that do infrastructure investment do it at the federal level that's the right level to
9:08 pm
do it al at in the bay area queer not letting that hold us back a lot of funding flowing into transportation investment and ballot measures whether measures in santa clara county or the measures golden gate bridge and contra-costa alameda e contra costa and tackling the issues around housing i need all of you to talk with our friends and say we have had some of the people in the world live near us it is important that san francisco continued to be a welcoming community so i'm not super old i'm not super young and since i was born there are twice as many people in the world as there once were;
9:09 pm
right? and some of the people are going to need to be around here; right? we need to make places for people to live so, yeah we want to preserve the character the neighborhoods by the way, that phrase is never been used throughout the history of time in favor of minorities so we need to preserve the you know our city and the 101 and so on but need to adapt to continue to remain a welcoming community that makes places for people to live, you know, what the best solution for homelessness is homes it is fairly straightforward (laughter) >> as we think about putting people into places we need to have places to put them i believe we can do this together i'll ended open that note he hope we'll work on this together
9:10 pm
thank you very much for keeping this city and region a fun and exciting place to visit if we have time i'll be happy to answer any questions you may have. >> i think we have mikes right there. >> otherwise i'll keep on telling jokes. >> all right. the back (inaudible). >> yeah. i mean, i think that you know, i talked some smack about you know certain folks representing certain neighbors in san francisco frustrate about the amount of buildings that will or won't happen certainly building should happen in a lot
9:11 pm
of places in oh, by the way, the less you build the more quickly it ask gentrifies but can't all happen in san francisco and shouldn't all happen in san francisco brisbane reenthd 4 thousand units of housing in favor of zero units of housing that's why organizations like the bay area council organizations that he really think regionally and try to tackle solutions are part of the issue i think that, you know, a lot of this is just the public dialogue you know so there is actually sort of a public shaming component to it i think is necessary but there are also a lot of things that we can do to be - important substantially technical so my institute calls for condition more translation funding on building housing;
9:12 pm
right? will you don't need more roads and you know potholes fixed we'll direct that money towards the places that created the places for people there's a public communications side of this and a by reason of of in the weeds policy sides of that that is important to work on this we all need to make place for the new people that want to come and live in your communities people will say a lot oh, we had enough connective growth yeah, so - that's - you know, if you got users that's fine but someone that is looking for a job that's a difficult thing to hear and you can't from angle economic perspective say oh, it's fine if we don't grow in
9:13 pm
san francisco we'll grow in austin actually more positive spill over from places like austin if san francisco grows more if san francisco and the bay area grow less less positive spill over and bad for the economy i like that president obama came out saying that bay area area is having an impact here and a negative impact on the country's economy those people in sacramento is pointed out people said oh, the bay area council controlled that report you guys are controlling that we didn't know that we like it when people think we don't control
9:14 pm
things as well as i think we don't actual control the president so it is good to have president obama and a number of proving voices out there saying this are not the implications in the decisions you're interested in making in brisbane is more poverty for people in the area keep in mind that you are creating poverty when you are and you're creating more economic instigation and i recollect segregation when you make those decisions so be clear i don't have on opinion about this obviously. >> ma'am. >> (laughter). and (inaudible)
9:15 pm
>> yeah yeah. i'd hedge your bets a little bit on china i mean certainly you know look we're talking, of course, another thing crazy people think that things in the united states and world are getting worse we're now more aware of the bad things happening in the world because of the media i'm getting to our question we have lifted two billion people in the world into the three middle-class there are
9:16 pm
hundreds of millions of consumers in china than a couple of decades ago that will continue to be the case however, i do expect there will be a significant economic slow down in china it is happening so i wouldn't put all your eggs in one basket but you know, i think we're going to see low and sustained growth throughout much of the world starting to see what is going on in the san francisco thank you for the presentation in san francisco earlier and have a if you can day everybody. >> (clapping.) >> happy thursday morning just a quick question how many people think if they have dr. weinberg in economics they would have
9:17 pm
gotten an a let's give him a applause i got a c i told my parents i cared about economics we are really excited to put this program together. you are putting our plans together you need critical information you've heard about the global trends we have we're going to bring up micki the director of cb r e hotels for those of you who don't know they rebranded and took over p k f mickey will talk about what is happening and the ad r occupancy that is important when an overnight investors stays in a hotel and pays a rate this has pan impact in san francisco so, now an outcome mickey .
9:18 pm
>> (clapping.) >> okay. >> thank you for the introduction okay. so thank you for having me today as i mentioned i was a part of p k f prior to the accusations and spent a lot of time in new york and spent the bulk of my time in san francisco. >> so the presentation today will cover some basic topics first, the accuracy assessment from the previous work ethics you'll see how our forecasts are played out and go through a quick summary of national trends and talk about the forecasts followed by the sfmta forecast
9:19 pm
and interesting how the airbnb is effecting the industry how accurate have we been this first slide shows a comparison the third quarter hotel verizon forecast versus what happened at the end of 2015 for the united states we were pretty much on point with our occupancy the 65, 66 percent ad r came in softer what we favored for 2015 that resulted in a softer part and the same trend was seen for the san francisco s f m a basically at capacity and pretty much our ad r forecasts were softer moving on to a few trends in the industry from our 2016 trends which is part of 2015 data over
9:20 pm
the past years revenues have increased faster expenses and going forward, however, over the next couple of years expenses are catching exceeding revenue growth with leveling off over the next couple of years 2017-2018 an unprecedented time you'll seeing wamg growth and pay increases accounting for a lot of the expense growth with that said when you look at the growth operating profit it is a huge increase over the past 8 years you hit a trough in 2019 with the recession but you're seeing it increasing inform record
9:21 pm
levels in 2017 it's over 60 percent increase in the gop so good times in industry for all of us now in terms of construction activity on for the u.s. pipeline the change the first two columns show wear we're circling forecasting versus what we were forecasting in the second quarter of 2015 a 5 percent increase in construction starts a little bit lower in projects in various stages of planning and virtually no change in the overall pipeline what is interesting about this slide what you're seeing a lot less projects proposed under construction or being property today than during the last cycle in 2008, 22 percent less
9:22 pm
promotions and overall 24 less proposed last cycle less projects and this time a furrier projects in the pipeline which is probably a good thing and hopefully not lead to the same problems as last time in terms of overall market we are operating at the record capacity 65 and a half percent occupancy the highest ever been it is significantly higher than a long term average rate growth the long term average of ad r growth is over 3 percent in line with the rate of inflation you've seen a significant increase over the past several years but starting to slow down
9:23 pm
and forecasting 3 and a half percent for 2016 about 4 percent for 17 and 4 percent for 2018 that is well above the long term growth but you'll see that revenue for 2016 is forecasted to increase 3 and a half percent and had to rise it down ad r is softening across the city for the s f m a san mateo and parts of marin just over 51 thousand rooms 33 or 34 comprise the city of san francisco now then this is directly from the hotel horizon support but the pipeline there is a lot of properties in various stages that you'll discuss of development
9:24 pm
so for the san francisco ms a we're and capacity 84 or 85 percent in the close 85 percent for 2016 but forecasting a slight decline in 2017-2018 and that will coincide with some of the things in roomthsdz at the moscone center you'll see that in the past several years since 2011 ad r is double digits which is very strong we can't expect that to continue so based on what we've seen this year forecasting slight ad r growth is increased but only at the 7 percent it is driven earlier this year in the super bowl and 2017-2018 we're forecasting 4 percent and 3
9:25 pm
percent and that is being affected by the lack loss in stoitss at the low events at the moscone center and the com presentation with that river will trail as well and so strong for 2016 but dmrienz in 2017-2018 last year blow the growth rate and this is the occupancy is quite strong and interesting the ad r between 2009 and 2020 is projected to double so how do we stack up versus the the top markets second to new york and above away who in dark green are growth exceeded that
9:26 pm
of those other top market we're doing pretty well the same for ref car second in the top markets and once again boston growth in recent years has exceeded ours slight in terms of growth we're stronger than the other 3. >> now for the city of san francisco you'll see that while there's been few hotels closing but the supply has remained virtually unchanged a few additions and subtractions but we're at 85 percent occupancy that is what the market can support and accommodate so there's probably some uncommitted demand out that pushing out to other parts of ms
9:27 pm
a and you'll see that once again the ad r growth 4 out of 5 double digit growth one go 9.7 strong growth and ref car has flown grown with that slowing down because of the occupancy component can't accommodate my any more demands so to say attributable to ad r this chart shows a lot of the historical data but year to date through year 2016 the occupancy has remainder strong and like i said partially attributable to the supervise and ad r has green but slowing after the super bowl and softer
9:28 pm
than projected with that said, ref car is up double digits through half of that year in terms of new supply there are also a lot of projects in various stages and it is hard to track all of them we're tracking 5 projects currently under construction on king street across the street for the park and hanson opened but this project is on been in various stages of development for 10 or 15 years and hard to develop another project the virgin hotel and the hotel on market and a small kwaegs addition in the presidio and the conversion of the old hotel 94 now san francisco proper one and
9:29 pm
thirty rooms and other various projects seems like every week on the report a new project that is proposed anywhere in the city but we keep a running list if they all come to fruition 34 hundred rooms but they'll not likely be built your financing is slowing down and hard to get various approvals not all are approved, operators and investors are starting to be more cautious but we track those and it is unlikely that all of these will be built this is just another summary 5 projects under construction and tracking 19 that doesn't include conversions of hotels being permitted as well
9:30 pm
so one big question is about airbnb and the effect of the hotel industry and anecdotally i went to a hotel conference a lot of the ceo's of hotel brands were is asked about airbnb and interestingly enough a lot of the ceo's two know what airbnb was or two thought that was not a threat at all but we're seeing over the 12 months if june to july to this year airbnb is putting up significant numbers and here to stay over 7 - 57 million units available up many, many percentages and sold 100 percent and the revenue yes, i did. >> shy of $5 billion a significant increase over the previous year airbnb is here to
9:31 pm
stay and showing tremendous growth in san francisco you're seeing there is shy of 5 thousand airbnb unit which is represent about 64 hundred bedrooms an average of one .3 bedrooms of per unionized compared to the 34 thousand hotel rooms 14 or 15 percent of the hotel supply in terms of how they perform airbnb in san francisco is they do units listed 63 percent occupancy and one and or one hundred $90 rate at a 200 and $50 rate airbnb is here to stay but does indicator to a slightly different guests looking for multiple units or can't find a
9:32 pm
room on certain days but here to stay and with that, that that concludes my presentation. opening up to any questions >> okay. great . >> (clapping.) >> that's correct mickey we appreciate that i'm here to give you what you all want a break for 10 minutes and cook for the sfaifl and the panel thank you. >> issues worked out so we wanted to start this part of show by showing you the video that charles want to show from sfo so gentlemen .
9:33 pm
9:34 pm
>> (clapping.) >> you see that is very exciting i go in and out of a lot of airport and frank not as good as sfo an exciting addition to a fantastic airport the next thing we want to do it take you through something that we've developed a new model to help us forecast for many of you been in
9:35 pm
san francisco and worked with us in the past all we typically were able to do around visitation and economic spending report in the rear the prior year a great next thing but problematic when you're trying to make plans in advance to nicole i'll introduce the senior research and revenue and her team working closely probably a year if not more to create a model that can really allow us to not only see what is happening in the year for the year but look forward a couple of years and have forecast what we think will happen. >> go to the next slide. >> so the model pathetic has a lot of input in any great
9:36 pm
forecasting model the more data the better because the stuff you know and think you know can be marked off against things you don't know but making a forecast on the key was getting a lot of great input on the things that effect visitation and create a reliable forecast going forward very about lodging statistics from p k f as part of the model and the flight information that tells us about the flights coming out san francisco how seats and the group sales statistics that nicole and her team keep in the database what bookings look like and our international visitor data with work tourism economics and a global warming expert used by many through the b mo and
9:37 pm
organizations to really understand what international inbound travel looks like and information has been really, really helpful to us in terms of being able to forecast from the intrvrl international side and domestic data if a research company longwood a constant panel that is ongoing talking to customers about their visit habits and every two or three years our partners do survey go out for a whole year and interview people all over the city that provides precise information who is here and the kinds of things they're interested in but a long story short this is a model that micro and her team have put together? looking at in depth where our visitors with coming from and
9:38 pm
what kind of money and more importantly what the forecast looks like without further ado, nicole our senior director of research do done a great job on the model. >> (clapping.) >> good morning and pleasure to be here thank you for the introductions howard that's an exciting opportunity many of you know me from the hotel does it occurred as i was listening to howard you're probably expecting me to go do into a forecast but actually putting all the puzzle pieces the airline and the spending piece so in today's presentation for the first 20 minutes we'll actual talk about did you visitors volume to we have in san francisco how is it
9:39 pm
performing and the different sectors and the new model that howard was mentioning is we're able to approval of the draft minutes in detail in order to make that easier for you the audience to follow along we've created those transition slides i'll move over the screen a little bit better we've created the transition slides you know exactly what cigarette television station we're talking about in the our first slide the visitor volume forecast who the audience some understand that all the slides from here on forward are in 27 terms for the reason this is an outcome conference and we know that the hotel community and the tourism at large interested in what the
9:40 pm
hotel lodging market and what might happen to the tourism industry at large we have 2015 actual and have restated what the visitor volume back to 2008 but for today's purpose we'll be talking about 2017 numbers so as you can see on the slide 2015 was the forecasted about $25 million almost $26 million total visitors to san francisco and the largest portion of that visit is the bay with 59 percentage but as you can see in the next slide our focus on the offer night visitor when we start to separate overnight visitors from day visitors and what in their spending you'll see the importance in that the visitors volume 2011 is expected to grow 2.8 percent and it was
9:41 pm
really great to have aaron from economic here they really laid the foundation of the macro are indicators that are driving that. >> and for the next few slides we'll focus on the overnight volume in particular make a distinction between international overnight to prepare you they'll all be positive. (laughter) so total spent i'm going to go back and forth a couple of times volume, 60 percent spent overnight visitors spent 89 percent that is why the association is so focused on the overnight visitors overnight visitors is the guests of stays
9:42 pm
that impacts primarily 40e89s but other lodging as well as overnight guests it stay with friends and family your main focus on the offer night sector and continue to talk about the international and other flights also wanted to point out overnight 6 percent of total overnight spent are coming from the international market that's why we at sfaifl focus offender the over assess and international market so next whatever you see highlighted in red the next couple of slides we're focusing on overnight we are looking at did over night even though this is important too (laughter) maybe not as quite important
9:43 pm
we'll be looking at overnight international we'll expect in 2017 for san francisco and i will want to emphasize that is the city and county of san francisco not the ms a those are the scaled numbers and as you can see the trajectory from 2009 to 2017 as the growth is positive in blue as you can see the domestic overnight visitors i know that number looks huge we look at the spend a high moment for all of you blue is domestic and red is international we're going to continue to see growth in domestic and overnight we charged the year growth in total domestic and international growth going back to 2008 as you can see that after the great
9:44 pm
recession the international growth really conspirator seated total and domestic growth the do i believe digit growth over or after the recession was abating and stabilizing we've been seeing percentage growth three and four percent and average 3, 3 and a half percent you the dip is interesting to point out was caused by a decrease in domestic demand what we looked san francisco hotels for its city and county of san francisco we saw specifically decreases in group and given we at sfaifl association look at moscone center the first one what was happening in 2013 with moscone moscone performed really well
9:45 pm
but things were down in 2013 and we were wondering well, why was group demand down in san francisco in 2013 we know that was not moscone when we looked what was going on in the country i at a time that was the government's the frustration, some of the national parks were closed it might have impacted some planning leisure planning that's the dip you see in 2013 overnight spent so i'm going to go back as you can see in blue the volume overnight visitor, for domestic and on the extent slide as you can see domestic and international broken down by spend even though you have the highlight volume in domestic overnight visitors it is really the spend that carries the
9:46 pm
volume so for us that's why our focus will remain >> so we as aaron mentioned earlier we continue and expect to see positive growth both dominick and internationally, however, the growth international overnight growth will pass of that domestic growth if part of the reason the stabilization of courtesy rate it was pointed out well by aaron that is the forecast that was created into the offer night visitors with emphasis on business we see domestic overnight visits than domestic travelers that growth
9:47 pm
is going to continue in a positive direction similar to total overnight growth we'll see side international market lead the growth at a faster rate than the domestic overnight volume growth san francisco's overnight leisure volume similar to the domestic overnight visitors the international sector is growing much faster than the domestic the positive outcome we expect it to grow 2 percent in 2017 and international business leisure i'm sorry let me restate total leisure to grow 3 percent and total business 2 percent. >> okay that was the hard part those are the slides i didn't like
9:48 pm
(laughter) now on to the fun stuff okay. so we have a limited marketing budget i hope that is okay to say that howard i don't see that because we need more money howard we do but that's another story so we have to put our money where we see the greatest time we need to understand how do we prioritize market and intern speaking we look at the international market versus the overseas market a lot of the partners are excusing how do you determine where you put our money and program i want to show a couple of slides i'll go back and forth what percentage of our spend comes from overseas country's and overseas wear
9:49 pm
defining as everything not on continent we're not counting mexico or canada when we look here we see in terms of volume canada and mexico which are in sdwroel 21st percent of our visitors volume is huge people want to know why we don't invest more in canada and mexico go 49 percent of total visitor volume comes from overseas our top 10 market china and brazil's and germany and france and japan and australia and thirty percent by overseas countries now look at the visitors spent go back a couple of wants 49 percent of visitors volume is over assess top 10 overseas
9:50 pm
countries make up 67 percent of visitor spend that's why we're investing heavily in the overseas market along the same lines we wanted to provide a ranging to you both by volume and by spend the top 12 international countries so again, if we range by visitors volume from first place to second place as you can see mexico and canada in the top 5 when you look at under spend there are at the bottom about 9 and 11 so we pay attention to those market and . >> that's not - our top priority and this slide remind me are a local will i pop so i think the last 20 slides
9:51 pm
we're trying to go through them quickly is the always a comparison between human immunodeficiency virus in order to understand the market we need to understand the volume that comes out of that market and the market generation that impacts directly the hotels and then also will how much do they spend so our contributor in terms of the overseas marketed it china - and then australia actually share spot number 4 in terms of visitors spend china take up 35 percent of total overseas visitor spend that is huge and that's why everybody is talking about that and they want me to talk about china you'll
9:52 pm
see why so china this is the only slide china we see - it is served a lot of efforts and goes through the data we have 2000 through 2015 and trying to figure out what the best way to talk about volume and performance and wanted to do a ranging from the country is ranked numbering today how important is it to point out how a country is growing you you know, i think are they number one today but slower next year so we wanted to create slides china is the only country's number one in visitors
9:53 pm
volume 6 hundred and 18 thousand visitors, san francisco seize 40 percent of total chinese arrivals in california when you look at the top 10 countries why they come to san francisco not surprisingly for 9 numbers for california as well that is interesting to correlate the volume for san francisco against the rest of california so 40 percent of the chinese that are roving to california actually come into san francisco we expect the continues strong growth as we have as charles pointed out a strong - the gateway - to san francisco to any city any designation in the
9:54 pm
united states so on this slide as you can see in blue and red the volume and those lines are important as it shows not only how many people are coming from a particular country but also how many paid nights they bring to our designation i can't have a country that is high in volume; right? maybe that's not a good country to focus on so china - faster than me other country in visitor volume and paid nights you know and the number two spots united kingdom ranged second three hundred and 38 thousand we expected to see the
9:55 pm
uk negative growth most ripple britain but the total volume on this is relatively flat so the new table remains a strong market for san francisco i'll speed up a little bit germany and ranks in the number 3 spot and positive growth for visitors spot out of germany france is circling in number 34 for a total visitor volume and we expect a positive growth of paid night in 17 over 16 is up a i wanted to point out we will
9:56 pm
make this presentation available after today so you can all have access to this. >> india is currently ranked number 5 visitors volume important to point out india is the number 5 now the growth next year in the 10 percent range for paid nights and volume and this is the last country we're looking for australia ranks next with 200 and one room nights and continue to see positive growth for australia for visitor volume and paid nights through the small competition direct flights in general and we also see the
9:57 pm
australian visitors is the key they have coming back to san francisco for - outside of the designations so san francisco association and economic partners are to a custom city level and those are why we wanted to do this so much concern in the market outcome what is 2017 might bring with the hotels there are concerns of positive forecasting positive in 2017 so we wanted to kick the tires a little bit before i show the
9:58 pm
study want to talk about the methodologies we took daily for the city and county of san francisco only and overlayed that with moscone conference or super bowl and looked at it 2015-2016 and accounted for the supervise so when the forecasted say quarter one 2017 we would go lethal 2015 without supervise for whatever else changes we'll see with the moscone so that's all pretty high confidence level in our methodology with that said, we know that this is a forecast we've created in september we have to continue to update actual forecasts it is
9:59 pm
forecasts it is actual through august 2016 we will update again in march so see how september, october and november have performed with that said, we forecast the city and county of san francisco for 2017 to be flat didn't sounds like taeshl exciting but not significantly negative it is quite one percent it is what we went through month to month with the conference and looked at it all the information on the indicators achieving positive growth next year will be challenging so an option perspective we think that some of that demand that was losing
10:00 pm
to moscone expansions april through september we'll explain minus - minor - that be be difficult and challenging for the communities to dive into 2017 and some properties might go backwards we're hearing that loufrtd and without the forecast we're working with planning and promotions. >> - we'll know more in a few months when we just want the forecast but for now that's our forecast 2 will be flat
10:01 pm
and that's all i have
10:02 pm
10:03 pm
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10:07 pm
>> we're going to get started we have a lot of celebrating to do thank you everyone thanks for being here how great to be a the academy of sciences isn't this fantastic?. >> (clapping.) >> this is most certainly a jewel in our community and we thank the entire academy team for making us felt so welcome good evening. i'm ann wilson the ceo the invited bay area we're the people in the initiative the mayor's job plus program this is one of favorite event and my pleasure to welcome you all here this is a giant effort and teamwork added it's best the
10:08 pm
city of san francisco and the mayor's office oh, my god and dcyf and if you don't know the outstanding department in our city that delivers support and services to our community families youth and children and we at the invited way are so very proud to be partners and celebrate and thank our sponsors who support this initiative in so many ways j.p. morgan chase is this year's presenting sponsor and been with the initiative since 2013 give up for chase. >> (clapping.) >> our premium sponsors are pg&e, who is been with us from the beginning beginnings as a founding partner and starbuck's that fingerprint cards this project and offers jobs as pastor of the initiative let's
10:09 pm
hear it for the premium sponsors. >> (clapping.) >> bank of america is our gold sponsor and a bank of america has been with us a co-founder of this initiative let's hear it for bank of america >> (clapping.) >> entries e enterprise rents a car our silver sponsoring broujz is linked and development and our supporting sponsor is ernest and young let's thank them all. >> (clapping.) >> so tonight you'll get to meet a handful of the people that make this program work this is a team effort in every way in hands and many hearts it come together every year to make sure that young people in our city have great experiences and introduced to the world of work in the most positive ways and i'm so happy to see here
10:10 pm
montreal tonight many young people and employers and nonprofit partners here who make that all possible i started out by thanking the california academy it my pleasure to thank cal academy and introduce you to their executive director doctor jonathan following will i. >> (clapping.) >> well, first of all, thank you, ann and mayor ed lee for bringing us to celebrate this incredible group of organizations they're working together to serve san francisco's youth we've been here since the 1850s and our mission work with young people in san francisco and the great abag and couldn't be more proud to be part of a community that is passionate about serving youth in the city welcome to the academy i'm thrilled you're here this is the most beloved
10:11 pm
building in san francisco city hall sorry (laughter) by the way, we're very glad to center you in thought community and congratulation to the youth for all the work this summer thank you for all you're doing. >> (clapping.) >> eric is up next; right? >> yeah. so ann. >> no, i'm next sorry john i did not know you were done. >> (clapping.) >> so again welcome good evening thank you all for being here a great time to celebrate all the partners represented it is the best of you'll august of public nonprofit public sector private sector engagement investing in one of our most valued treasures our young people so thank you very much for being here
10:12 pm
and so i want to make sure you didn't miss someone that was supposed to be here ann i didn't see her we'll chore so for her really, really loud we'll keep on going these things happen nonetheless because of partnerships and the institutions but when there is great leadership wouldn't have been possible celebrating 5 years hadn't been for the leadership of the giants figuratively our mayor please welcome mayor ed lee >> (clapping.) >> wow. great audience here first of all, thank you for making sure he got out of city hall (laughter) you know they i know that doctor following will i and ike and
10:13 pm
everybody likes to invite me i have a long time friend claude and interested in looking to claude the albino alligator i'm looking at for him every time he get a chance i want to come in u come up and visit thank you to eric mcdonald to the entire invited way for your partnership you can 5 years ago we were thinking about all of our young people in san francisco and i was just starting out in this position and so people said hey mayor can you you know if we're going to have a strong economy we need our youth may find about jobs i snanlt jumped on that and said we need to private sector and the training organized good in our community together with our government and our
10:14 pm
employers to have a unified message that the tenant of this city is every single one of you in this room i want to make sure you know we've been thinking about that a los angeles county and not just jobs so for jobs sake we want to make sure your life is fulfilled as a young person in the city so that's why while we're working we want to make sure you have 9 best experience and have working a r on a great school system working on pathways to college, scholarships for kids, open space for you to play in and enjoy yourselves great experiences throughout your young life and this is why i invested in organizations like our investment in our children and youth and family working with the unified school district and
10:15 pm
ohio dwra and the superintendent of schools all the city colleges that's why i have an academic advisory council made up of councils advising me i know you that i'm going to talk about the jobs you know, i let me put away those notes and pend that moment yesterday, i had the opportunity to join with so many of the people on an announcement you may have read about in the local pages of newspapers that's when palin and mark zuckerberg's annunciations a multi million dollars fund in mission bay and they suggested that in our lifetime as well as ours but more importantly in maxs lifetime you, you know, who that is their young child born less
10:16 pm
than a years ago to priscilla and mark thinking about their child and you will have you and how we can conquer the four diseases that cause the most deaths today the cancer death, the heart dedicate, the neurology stroke related deaths and they wanted to put their heart their technology mind, their dock roll medical approach and blend it to creating this center and they choose san francisco to do that >> so i'm looking at all of you kids because i'm thinking about you and saying you're really lucky to be in this city i hope i appreciate it what is
10:17 pm
happening in the city is really marvelous you have the blends of the greatest technology minds, health minds, impure minds coming together in our lifetime solve and make sure we end or we manage the greatest diseases that placard us for century this is a maker thing and your witnessing it right here in our youthful years i want you to think about that has part of the environment i get to live and work in san francisco that with all the great companies that have been looking at the stashed their offices here those are many of the companies that are right in this room where the bank or salesforce or coffee inadvertent or some of the greatest employers they're looking for talent they it focused on you
10:18 pm
and at the focused on the young people in san francisco so i want to tell you this is what makes me really excited but having the best and brightest in san francisco coming together and solving diseases and work with all of us in government in the private sector to create the best city in the world this is where your lucky to work i want you to know more than just getting a job never about a job but career pathways about supporting you in fact, we have programs funded by the city foundation and programs like my path what kids like you, your saving and putting investment, in fact, seven hundred kids this summer pout over half a million dollars in savings account to
10:19 pm
have a future. >> (clapping.) >> you know, i can brag all i want about a 3 and a half percent employment rate hot economy, all the big businesses of all sizes wanted to be here and technology and health care and tourism but if i to take care of and help those without our help wouldn't have that chance of experiencing those types of things inch not done any job and other companies will agree we haven't reached out and made sure that all of our residents can benefit from this prosperity we haven't done the job we were set out to do that's why i'm so proud of our summer youth of our youth plus jobs program because we're teaching everyone from time to tie doing
10:20 pm
a resume lifting their heads in their interviews this is all part of your future if you're successful and if you take those opportunities as they've presented and run with that this city and everybody associated with it is also going to be successful he truly mean it i'll be a more successful mayor if you golden state warriors guys get the careers and jobs in about 3 years i get do end this job then i'll be this old guy walking on the street hoping i'll run into a ceo of is a company of a kid that we helped to get the job they'll tug any shoulders and suit hopefully and say hey mayor or thank you for creating and continue to create one of the best cities for people to be successful in this
10:21 pm
is what this job program means to me and everybody making sure that we have every opportunity and it comes with that fantastic opportunity to work with the private be sector all the companies and i know we had an injustice to name a few i'll name some of the leaders that's salesforce and j.p. morgan chase, pg&e, starbuck's bank of america enterprise rent a car anyone know who pa lodges is some of the companies you don't know the names they're probably some of the most successful do a lot of industrial workforce stuff and their in charge of a lot of warehouses helping us do pdr space production, distribution and repair they're the ones he helping us with the new industries in san francisco that make san francisco made
10:22 pm
products i'm proud of that we're trying to create other industries a hot tourism we've got to hot health care, a hot tech but want things made in san francisco we'll be xoefrt products from this area a many countries and helping out sunset development companies 4ri7b8gd their mentioned in our portfolio but those are the companies in the great companies thinking about your future and recruiting you to be their talent so they can be the best companies in the world with that, i say thank you and govern claude thank you to all the youth here for all of you taking care of our futures with us and continue investing counting it is over 6 thousand three hundred jobs we're counting and .
10:23 pm
>> counting and counting. >> and counting but i have to tell you in a short few years trying to get the 10 thousand jobs that are a jobs how about that >> (clapping.) >> again, thank you very much everybody and congratulations put money into our own pockets you know i also was thinking while i was coming over here it is great when i earned any own money so mom if you want me to buy the eggs and milk this week i'll do it i earned it. >> (clapping.) >> thank you very much one more time mayor, mayor ed lee. >> (clapping.) >> as you can see we figured out the lighting we got to together we're all good so again, i probably heard it before but failure often an
10:24 pm
orphan success has many, many parents we're delighted to invite what we want to experience tonight acknowledge our champion partners and at the same time celebrate the young people happening and experiencing those intrerpz and jobs we'll bring up a series of participates an employer and young person for a short exchange about commitment of the employer and he is experience felt young people as you've heard from ann and the mayor j.p. morgan chase, that's been one of the amazing pretending sponsors joined. >> us in 2013 and hadn't missed a beat $200,000 so we're thrilled this they're here to please welcome jim and your
10:25 pm
young person it >> patricia martinis. >> coming down patricia give us a coup of mike's. >> (clapping.) >> your to stand right there with jim get in the spotlight make sure this one is on - >> there we go. >> thank you. >> well, thank you urban design and nice to be with you. >> mentions jerry brown's is proud to be a continuing spore we're delighted of the impact on the neighborhood and mayor ed lee thank you for your leadership and i hope you had a great summer that first job is a great thing thrumming before something about your experience. >> well, i endorsed a new
10:26 pm
career i was internship and something paw i don't think we can hear you there we go. >> yeah. i was internship for an event planner and did a lot of events planning and get to like venues and got to do a holiday party i did a walk there through like 2016 holiday party in december yeah. (laughter) mark yeah >> and has this changed our education path to the future do you have different plans paw before this i had my mind on the study of body and everything now i'm like in marketing sports marketing and got a lot of connections although mark and connected to someone in new york for marketing so like yeah.
10:27 pm
>> did you have fun. >> i had a lot of fun yeah. >> great. >> (clapping.) >> thank you very much. >> thanks jim one of the exciting things about the initiative and one of our goals to create as many diverse opportunities and possible for young people to see and appreciate the wide array of job counties and career opportunities that exist in our city we are thrilled that one of our other are partners webcor stepped up with great opportunity we'll invite thomas a director at the webcor to come up that his young person that is. >> eddy. >> uh-huh. >> how you do eddy and code compliant. >> excuse me - i got a a little frog in my athlete i'm
10:28 pm
battling a cold like mentioned a lot of companies in san francisco that employ people we're not a - we built 24 building right here (laughter) >> (clapping.) >> it's a project a landmark project in san francisco last week the mayor mentioned we're very proud a big advocate in this program with the companies of a product of san francisco unified school district myself wow. . >> (clapping.) >> very proud of it what i've accomplished and the education through the city and with that, i'd like to introduce north america dewey understand you spent a summer at salesforce and wondering if you can share a little bit what you did. >> in salesforce he reason worked under global warming
10:29 pm
renewals and so various steps we had to pay attention we we renewed our business with other companies it was very cool (laughter) >> (clapping.) >> following this work experience what are you future plans for education and career. >> so my future plans to probably go into computer science in college but looking at the accounts how important data science is so my might take as a minor i really liked how for the work turned out to be. >> wow. >> (clapping.) >> you know one of the big things about those programs is the impact it makes on you, the question is going through the management youth programs impacted the way you thought about your future. >> yeah. going through the
10:30 pm
program impacted how i thought about my future i mean, it was one of the experiences you reaching out ended up with that something tount so made me release how important for pro-active about your own future that's something i appreciated about jobs plus >> (clapping.) >> awesome. >> thank you both so for many of the young people this is a first job that means a first paycheck what do one do with the money burning the hole in the pocket. >> you remember you remember it is easy to quickly spend self-on something one of the things we tried a overlay and we're very, very thrilled to be able to introduce a partnership with city for financial empowerment and we're thrilled
10:31 pm
this once again the city foundation led by vicky the senior vice president not only here but has been a wonderful champion supporting our young people and offering financial literacy to see how to use those those wonderful dollars their aribnb please welcome vicky. >> (clapping.) >> i want to pace. >> okay. >> okay. so adults how many of you guys remember getting our first paycheck how many of you remember the traumatic experience when you realized there was something called go spike 0. >> who is that taking my money. >> last year, i shared with all of the students that went through the program last year the conversations that i had with my dad that showed no mercy when i said owe wanted the money back with the city foundation
10:32 pm
and the partnership with those 4 i never remember cities for empowerment what we did was released that through summer jobs that is another program with the pathway program you really need to look at what you do with the first pay check it is an opportunity for your parents and grandparents to close the bank of mom and dad and had you how you create really good savings the first opportunity to set that foot in the adult world of i, save something so what we ditsdz to do in the pathways to progress invest in the goal for the program to invest one hundred thousand kids both the workforce program to gain the skills to be
10:33 pm
viable in the 21st century as part of the this we figured all right. the mayors job programs this is huge i remember my first job but i learned something; right? i know that if i get a paycheck you have to figure out what to do with it that's to be routine by the planning commission, and may be acted upon by a single roll call vote organization that's why i'm here called my path i know my path been working with them 10 years my job to bring 3450i my path up here the mayor gave you steps in his speech my guys gave me the steps this year this summer in 8 weeks i think about 8 weeks over seven hundred young people opened their first bank account and saved over $460,000 in 8 weeks
10:34 pm
you guys are amazing my path helped to do that my path invested how to teach students and young people how to use their money wisely and create savings behavorial they helped to develop a mobile app to good afternoon people to develop better attitudes of money management and how you're spending and monitor your spending my son is 16 years old he needs help (laughter) he's going to be learning fast so is my path here can we give them a round of lovely applause >> (clapping.) >> thank you, everyone we're so thrilled to be be able able to the partners that everybody in
10:35 pm
the room and all the young people across this wonderful city to show the power of what giving a young person a paycheck can do in the moment but for your future the work we're doing it having them take the first moment of money owe turn it into pathway for mobile upward mobility that's almost half a million dollars saving and that our community is being involved in our community as they're being saved with our local on the ground financial partners in san francisco that are all communities all credit unions wow. those acronyms; right? vicky we couldn't have done it without them and without all of you and
10:36 pm
i all the work the young people did. >> thank you very much appreciate our partnership and supporting our young people all right. so we give them a wide. >> where a of opportunities and support them to manage people as they get them and a grant part of grant petition we create a pipeline pipeline of opportunities for young people and that we engage them earlier in the san francisco unified school district so we're supporting their educational foundation that that leads to great career opportunities so, of course, ear thrilled to have and be in partnership with the san francisco unified school district so we're thrilled to have superintendant guerrero he'll bring one, 2 not one but two students up with him, please welcome superintendant guerrero. >> (clapping.) >> good evening, everybody i have to start off sharing our
10:37 pm
appreciation on behalf of 9 unified school district to our mayor, mayor ed lee thank you for your leadership i don't think your bragging we shear our pride and looking for that process peter and more importantly making us educators to insure our youth are prepared to be successful and lead in the 21st century i think what this program has permitted us to do provide on array of experiences for increasing numbers of our students so i have two students up here we'll share a little bit about their experience so i feel like i'm standing between my kids with the same stature buses today i'll let me introduce to my right is 19 is
10:38 pm
alicia. >> i'm in the 12 john and attend john o'connor. >> (clapping.) >> hi, my name is daren a freshmen at san francisco state universi university. >> (clapping.) >> so the one thing they have in common their boiler makers currently always a boiler maker and john o'connor shout out to the mission they've played an important role how we create a model that helped to capitalize on all of you thank you for being a key pardons to provide experience to our youth i have something in common with alicia i had my own official emergency room growing up any father worked so sometimes in the summer i joined him and work and
10:39 pm
up in the control tower with the federal administration alicia share with the audience what team you worked with and our experiences. >> my internship was with the trades i was meridian with an electronic engineer my intern we walked around the terminals and did the basic electrical needs needed and we were to go into all the control rooms in the buildings as well as the background ss r rooms - >> so alicia you got to see a hidden the sxeenz look at the airport do you want to talk about connections perhaps you've started to see in our studies in high school. >> so john o'connor
10:40 pm
environment lab my main source what electrical utilities trout the interpreting i saw my book work from the - to go into real leave work how sfo uses engineering sections. >> thank you now the one thing about the summer jobs programs the mayor is doing a good job it makes it so much easier for the college and career team and others to connect to those kinds of opportunity we hope had will develop an ass permission for pursuing some of the continued sectors so we have daren graduated if o'connell do you want to share where i spent our summer. >> i spent my summer at
10:41 pm
salesforce (laughter) great which department. >> i worked as salesforce i worked in the real estate department my manager was the project sponsor of san francisco salesforce she managed all buildings in no for the salesforce buildings. >> the one thing about daren i've been to a few events he keeps on popping up we have a young adult who and i valid himself for opportunities not the first time and reilly that picking up experiences along the way as you begin our college studies what are you thinking modest be down the road of the interest for you. >> in interest down the road like from being at salesforce or
10:42 pm
- >> (inaudible). >> well when i applied to sf state before i applied i went wanted to be an architect but they don't have this so i had to do pick a career within my major like did design so i am studying creative arts anothers san francisco state university and may be getting to industrial arts designs but then summer at the salesforce i really thought about being in real estate now i realized what i did for 6 months and were cumber doing because i'm still working at salesforce it is really fun what i do i enjoy what you did every single day so maybe creative arts or
10:43 pm
real estate your proposed to do what you love; right? that's why i love going to work everyday it is what i do it is really fun >> (clapping.) >> so one thing we've always tended to hear as a theme for some of the youth that work in the tech factor a magnet in the city they and realize those have an array of departments and getting exposure into areas not only about computer programs and graphic design and human services alicia you'll be filling out college applications can do you think of studies. >> i'd like to continue with engineering sure. >> i feel like it fits me best when i first started the
10:44 pm
internship i wanted to do computer programming and 2450i that mentor took me need is a building to see if i wanted to do that and i didn't - i couldn't laura my mentor said in the weeks i attended i couldn't sit there i was a hands-on person so it, it's . >> (clapping.) >> and perfect. >> we're going to give you the final word you're a senior as other high schools students think about their summer what if they asked you telling me about summer jobs do you think this is a good idea. >> for sure definitely intern always have the experience and say you wereably to try it out.
10:45 pm
>> thank you very much >> (clapping.) >> excellent. >> thank you so much one more pair coming before by the make final announcements so one of the important partners you heard them referenced as a group certainly all the nonprofits working with young people open a day to day year-round to support their development and getting in their job readiness one critically important participate in the mix is jc we'll welcome up allen wu who will bring up his young person welcome. >> thank you. >> (clapping.) >> first dcyf we employ 2009 of these referenced been a part
10:46 pm
of initiative since 2012 and everyone who knows me is wondering why i am here he hate being on the stage but this is important that is about young people and about their experiences all the impacts so this is kyle i'll let him introduce himself and i go to gateway high school. >> okay. >> i interviewed with stephanie's and there i worked in h.r. and learned there are two sides emotional and complaint side and accounting (laughter) yeah. >> no, no - yeah. when you're an employee and complaints and stuff like that and i worked on this side i
10:47 pm
learned about all types of benefits the employees get and how they're like plans are shut down and how their families are treated and how like the company cares about people so i was interested and i liked it. >> over the course of summer you had the experience had on or about impact on what you wanted to do. >> yes. but before i came to salesforce my first time this is my second time i don't know what exactly he wanted to study in i last week went through like loves programs and seen like different group members and how like did coding and i enjoyed it i like problem solving and like data organizing that's my thing and i enjoyed i was like something i want to enjoy in
10:48 pm
college stuff like that what's the best thing about salesforce the best thing they treat you like an equal they didn't treat me like and high school student but an actual employee that they put me into the circle i worked well with them and it was a wonderful experience . >> (clapping.) >> thank you all again, our employers their commitment earlier, you heard me reference ann ann had been she's in a new role didn't lose her but had been the leader of the workforce engagement inside of salesforce a be tremendous partner and
10:49 pm
since she's moved on i want to take the opportunity let's clap for anita she's here >> (clapping.) >> what we want to do a couple of more acknowledgements we call high you exclusiveers employers will above and beyond in creating opportunities one more announcement of folks in the room if you are a young person who experiences one of the jobs in interpz please stand >> (clapping.) >> come on stand up cal academy come on stand upcoming. >> (clapping.) >> awesome, awesome thank you you can take your
10:50 pm
seats if you're an employer of one or one hundred spotting young people if you're an employer supporting young people wow. >> (clapping.) >> thank you so much 23 if you're an educator somewhere along that path your supporting young people please stand educators in the room >> (clapping.) >> awesome, awesome awesome and then he saw your youngest and he might not be in the room is japanese junior in the room he was paying i wanted to acknowledge him because soon he'll be one we're investing in put a great career path let me
10:51 pm
invite a couple a few of our partners we want to shout and invite them and take a couple of pictures before i do that let me invite the director of the defendants department of children, youth here she comes and just to spread the love let me invite the director of office of economic workforce development michael carter stand right here. >> (clapping.) >> what happens when they give me the mike we want to acknowledge those folks we'll do photo ops so allen get ready acknowledge the partners in one our city's departments stepped
10:52 pm
up in big ways san francisco unified school district, guatemala come up and acknowledge them and invited ways and wilson will come up and acknowledge in the category of city departments stepped up in a big way san francisco public library and the department of public works do we have representatives either or both of those come forward please. awesome thank you. congratulations you can join that group over there and then our private sector partners (calling names) representatives from either of you. >> (clapping.) >> that light is killing me i can't see we love them anyway and finally enterprise and rent a car and bank of the west
10:53 pm
please. >> (clapping.) >> thank you so much and allen go. >> yes. >> >> if you frequently travel before i van ness i might be surprised van ness will goodwill go the first transit corridor to have brt as more frequently known the goal to get conveniently van ness and geary boulevard one of the most reliable transit systems in the
10:54 pm
country van ness avenue is a major connecter between potrero hill and mission on the south side of san francisco correcting connecting us to the marina and state highway in the financial with the western edition neighborhood it is mostly residential a lot of the geography of van ness the rain that is wide it was uses is a firebreak in the 1906 san francisco earthquake a lot of building occasion that helped of hoped to stop the fire from jumping van ness had a light rail or sprash separating and along geary 0 when we came to the question of how to address the needs on haven because of its cost effectiveness we have found in the brt system with the new vehicles. >> the new mr. secretary is a change we will actually have
10:55 pm
transit in the middle ♪ the far legal unit and a broadly prom >> one of the reasons it is in the center a was it is an clouf right-of-way a set of pedestrians will cross from the sidewalk to the middle of the street a. >> to move the reliable along the corridor with this travel time had been signifying reduced we think the ripped will go from 16 thousand a day in that portion the corridor up to 22 thousand and we'll have those beautiful new one like this one. >> with the dedication of the signal and lighter saying that between stops we were able to estimate a .32 improvement in travel time and a 50 percent reliability improvement as a result. >> we're pitting u putting in
10:56 pm
a up to date modern system of new thirty foot high light fixtures and pedestrian lights on the same pole again inviting a comfortable environment for pedestrians. >> it has become a 3 dimensional street project. >> the water that is my understanding under the ground and the emergency firefighting water system month will be replaced and new street lights and traffic lights and the paving and stripping the trees both in the medium and on the side. >> the main core of the project goes from market it lombard that's where we'll be replying the sidewalks. >> there are a number of trees that need to be replaced and they will be additional new planting. >> we're planting a lemon gum
10:57 pm
that gets to be 50 or 60 feet tall that comes over the offer head wires that wee when we get done van ness it will look like a new street it will visit fresh new looks like the grand boulevard again. >> we're going eliminating left turns off of van ness into the side streets and places the left turning traffic backs up the traffic and upgrading the signals to the mini traffic will flow more smoothly and traffic impacts as we execute the construction signed we're working to minimize these but impacts that will likely shift the traffic up franklin and we'll pick up the traffic. >> right now that looks like we're skeleton to start in march
10:58 pm
ever 2016 are of our construction. >> in the past people prospective of bus traffic that go unreliable and noisy and very fluting we're here to remake the vehicles are on the streets and with the combination of the brt improvements much more rail like services with the technology. >> the public is in for a great treat all right. on 5, 5
10:59 pm
2, 1 you innovation on or was on over 200 years they went through extensive innovations to the existing green new metal gates were installed our the perimeter 9 project is funded inform there are no 9 community opportunity and our capital improvement plan to the 2008 clean and safe neighborhood it allows the residents and park advocates like san franciscans to make the matching of the few minutes
11:00 pm
through the philanthropic dungeons and finished and finally able to pull on play on the number one green a celebration on october 7, 1901, a skoovlt for the st. anthony's formed a club and john then the superintendent the golden gate park laid out the bowling green are here sharing meditates a permanent green now and then was opened in 1902 during the course the 1906 san francisco earthquake that citywide much the city the greens were left that with an ellen surface and not readers necessarily 1911 it had the blowing e bowling that was formed in 1912 the parks commission paid laying down down
11:01 pm
green number 2 the san francisco lawn club was the first opened in the united states and the oldest on the west their registered as san francisco lark one 101 and ti it is not all fierce competition food and good ole friend of mine drive it members les lecturely challenge the stories some may be true some not memories of past winners is reversed presbyterian on the wall of champions. >> make sure you see the one in to the corner that's me and. >> no? not bingo or scrabble but the pare of today's competition two doreen and christen and beginninger against robert and
11:02 pm
others easing our opponents for the stair down is a pregame strategy even in lawn bowling. >> play ball. >> yes. >> almost. >> (clapping). >> the size of tennis ball the object of the game our control to so when the players on both sides are bold at any rate the complete ends you do do scoring it is you'll get within point lead for this bonus first of all, a jack can be moved and a
11:03 pm
or picked up to some other point or move the jack with i have a goal behind the just a second a lot of elements to the game. >> we're about a yard long. >> aim a were not player i'll play any weighed see on the inside in the goal is a minimum the latter side will make that arc in i'm right-hand side i play my for hand and to my left if i wanted to acre my respect i extend so it is arced to the right have to be able to pray both hands. >> (clapping.) who one. >> nice try and hi, i'm been play lawn bowling affair 10 years after he retired i needed something to do so i picked up
11:04 pm
this paper and in this paper i see in there play lawn bowling in san francisco golden gate park ever since then i've been trying to bowl i enjoy bowling a very good support and good experience most of you have of of all love the people's and have a lot of have a lot of few minutes in mr. mayor the san francisco play lawn bowling is in golden gate park we're sharing meadow for more information about the club including free lessons log >> welcome to "culturewire."
11:05 pm
today we are at recology. they are celebrate 20 years of one of the most incredibly unique artist residency programs. we are here to learn more from one of the resident artists. welcome to the show, deborah. tell us how this program began 20 years ago. >> the program began 20 years ago. our founder was an environmentalist and an activist and an artist in the 1970's. she started these street sweeping campaigns in the city. she started with kids. they had an exhibition at city hall. city officials heard about her efforts and they invited her to this facility. we thought it would coincide with our efforts to get folks to recycle, it is a great educational tool. since then, we have had 95
11:06 pm
professional artists come through. >> how has the program changed over the years? how has the program -- what can the public has an artist engage with? >> for the most part, we worked with metal and wood, what you would expect from a program like ours. over the years, we tried to include artists and all types of mediums. conceptual artists, at installation, photographers, videographers. >> that has really expanded the program out. it is becoming so dynamic right now with your vision of interesting artists in gauging here. why would an artist when to come here? >> mainly, access to the materials. we also give them a lot of support. when they start, it is an empty studio. they go out to the public area
11:07 pm
and -- we call it the big store. they go out shopping, take the materials that, and get to work. it is kind of like a reprieve, so they can really focus on their body of work. >> when you are talking about recology, do you have the only sculpture garden at the top? >> it is based on work that was done many years ago in new york. it is the only kind of structured, artist program. weit is beautiful. a lot of the plants you see were pulled out of the garbage, and we use our compost to transplant them. the pathway is lined with rubble from the earthquake from the freeways we tour about 5000 people a year to our facility, adults and children.
11:08 pm
we talk about recycling and conservation. they can meet the artists. >> fantastic. let's go meet some of your current artists. here we are with lauren. can you tell us how long have been here so far and what you're working on? >> we started our residency on june 1, so we came into the studio then and spent most of the first couple weeks just digging around in the trash. i am continuing my body of work, kind of making these hand- embroidered objects from our day-to-day life. >> can you describe some of the things you have been making here? this is amazing. >> i think i started a lot of my work about the qualities of light is in the weight. i have been thinking a lot about things floating through the air. it is also very windy down here. there is a piece of sheet music up there that i have embroidered third.
11:09 pm
there is a pamphlet about hearing dea -- nearing death. this is a dead rabbit. this is what i am working on now. this is a greeting card that i found, making it embroidered. it is for a very special friend. >> while we were looking at this, i glanced down and this is amazing, and it is on top of a book, it is ridiculous and amazing. >> i am interested in the serendipity of these still life compositions. when he got to the garbage and to see the arrangement of objects that is completely spontaneous. it is probably one of the least thought of compositions. people are getting rid of this stuff. it holds no real value to them, because they're disposing of it. >> we're here in another recology studio with abel.
11:10 pm
what attracted you to apply for this special program? >> who would not want to come to the dump? but is the first question. for me, being in a situation that you're not comfortable in has always been the best. >> what materials were you immediately attracted to when you started and so what was available here? >> there are a lot of books. that is one of the thing that hits me the most. books are good for understanding, language, and art in general. also being a graphic designer, going straight to the magazines and seeing all this printed material being discarded has also been part of my work. of course, always wood or any kind of plastic form or anything like that. >> job mr. some of the pieces you have made while you have been here. -- taught me through some of the pieces you have made while you have been here. >> the first thing that attracted me to this was the printed surface. it was actually a poster. it was a silk screen watercolor,
11:11 pm
about 8 feet long. in terms of the flatwork, i work with a lot of cloddish. so being able to cut into it come at into it, removed parts, it is part of the process of negotiating the final form. >> how do you jump from the two dimensional work that you create to the three-dimensional? maybe going back from the 3f to 2d. >> everything is in the process of becoming. things are never said or settled. the sculptures are being made while i am doing the collages, and vice versa. it becomes a part of something else. there's always this figuring out of where things belong or where they could parapets something else. at the end goal is to possibly see one of these collage plans be built out and create a
11:12 pm
structure that reflects back into the flat work. >> thank you so much for allowing "culturewire" to visit this amazing facility and to learn more about the artists in residence program. is there anything you like our viewers to know? >> we have art exhibitions every four months, and a win by the public to come out. everybody is welcome to come out. we have food. sometimes we have gains and bands. it is great time. from june to september, we accept applications from bay area artists. we encouraged artists from all mediums to apply. we want as many artists from the bay area out here so they can have the same experience. >> how many artists to do your host here? >> 6 artist a year, and we receive about 108 applications. very competitive. >> but everyone should be encouraged to apply. thank you again for hosting us. >> thank you for including us in "culturewire."
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>> [ gavel ] good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to the regular meeting of the san francisco ethics commission for september 26, 2016. before i turn to the agenda, i want to take the pleasure of introducing our newest commissioner, a man who i think is known to many of us in san francisco who has lived here for a long time. the man who has devoted his life to public service. we are honored that he's willing to seven on the ethics commission.


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